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I recently met up with friends at Il Forno on the West End. Being a South Southsider, I was not thrilled about having to drive all that way, but it was worth it in every way!
They carry excellent wines, and the food is amazing. I lived in Italy for 4 years, and so I learned all about authentic Italian cuisine. Il Forno knows what they are doing! The prices are good too! Not the cheapest, but absolutely worth it. And the service is great! Attentive, and experienced. You know that you'll get someone who knows what they're doing, not some bratty kid like at one of the chain restaurants (not naming any names).
I now make the drive every time we decide on Italian.

June 19, 2009

Good and affordable Italian food. It's quite authentic but won't break the bank. I usually get their daily specials.


Fantastic!! Italian mixed with fusion! The menu changes daily and will never bore your palate. The meatloaf is to die for - it is NOT your mama's meatloaf. Wrapped in prosciutto ham, stuffed with cheese and covered in caramelized onions, served with mashed and veggies, this individual-sized meatloaf will have you coming back for more. The daily variations might find Goulash on the menu one day, steak sandwich the next or Cajun chicken strips with mashed or a Frittata with the gentlest of hollandaise sauces on yet another day. And that's just the lunch menu. The evening meal menu varies daily as well. Something for every budget from the creative thin-crust pizzas to the pastas that you would expect, to the extraordinary, such as rack of lamb, a tenderloin, or perhaps a salmon. The desserts are prepared in-house - try the chocolate torte with raspberry sauce and ice cream! or the ever-popular tiramisu!

The "Cheers"-like atmosphere is always friendly. The staff are knowledgeable and familiar with the ever-changing menu.

Line-ups at noon and at 6:00 pm are not uncommon so it is best to make a reservation or come earlier.

Rita V.
February 17, 2009

Prices were only fair but they had some cool menu selections (like Italian ice cream for dessert). When we went, however, they did not have their famous brick oven going. You can only get brick oven pizza in the evening so make sure you time when you go there if you're looking for some fresh Italian made pizza.
Also, found trouble finding where it was. It is hidden farther in that plaza parking lot, off to the far side. If you're approaching it from an avenue you have to turn into the main plaza parking lot to find it.

Ryan M.
May 27, 2009

If you're looking for a romantic, yet fun and friendly Italian restaurant, then Il Forno is the place to go. This place gets very busy, especially on the weekends, so be prepared to wait. I'm not really big on ordering pasta from a restaurant, but I decided to go with that here. It was very garlicky and flavourful, but honestly, I am never really blown away by any pasta, since I can make some pretty good pasta at home. Apparently, this place is famous for their wood-fired pizza, and I really wish I would have tried that. I'd definitely like to go back someday to try it. While I was here, there was a guy walking around playing the accordion. This definitely added to the romantic and authentic atmosphere. I don't know why, but I always feel awkward around accordion guys--maybe it's some inner childhood phobia. I think I would be safe now though, since I heard they now have a harp player. If you're Celiac, you can request gluten-free pasta. Also, I think this is a place you might want to get dressed up a little for--it's kind of fancy.

Jeanette B.
October 9, 2008

By A Yahoo! Contributor, 04/04/07
Il Forno truly is one of Edmonton's best and most authentic restaurants. I recently ate at Il Forno with my entire family (we're a big family) and we were so impressed with the food and the service. Anna, the new owner, was her delightful self and her son Stephan is well on his way to becoming a restaurant guru. It was a special occasion for my family, and we left feeling fulfilled in every way. Although the food was a bit more expensive than it used to be, every single dish we had was well worth it! Finding quality Italian food in Edmonton is hard...unless you go to Il Forno! Thanks Il Forno, and well done!!!!

By A Yahoo! Contributor
April 4, 2007

Had heard good things about this place and had to check it out.Been coming here for about 2 years ( 5 times so far)
Fresh,inventive,interesting and so far a consistent best bet for Italian / Fusion grub. Somewhat pricey but well worth it. A measure of it worth is try getting a table on a Saturday with out a reservation - no chance.
I always seem to go for their specials as they come up with some amazingly tasty fare. The saffron risotto I had there was out of this world and the fact that they can fill my 14 year old to the brim (no easy task I might add) will keep me coming back.
- Always fresh
- Always something new
- Just right portions
- Haven't had a bad meal there yet.
Downside - can be quite noisy sometimes, but hey - it's Italian right ! 
November, 2008